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Translation House is a national and international provider of professional and NAATI certified translation services. Our head office is in New South Wales specifically for the purpose of providing translation services and language solutions to meet the needs of Sydney, Australia’s premier city.

Sydney is truly a multicultural city and has the eighth-largest immigrant population among world metropolitan areas. The 2016 census revealed that more than 42% of Sydney’s population were born overseas and that more than 38% of the city’s population speak a language other than English at home. Prominent amongst those languages are Chinese, Arabic, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, Greek and Italian.

Whilst the export of manufactured goods represents an important and growing sector of Sydney’s exports (16% of Sydney’s exports), it is within the services export sector that Sydney excels.

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An analysis of the total exports by industry sectors in the City of Sydney (2020) showed that Sydney’s international export sector is dominated by service industries.
In that year Sydney’s the three largest export industries were:

  • Financial and Insurance Services (39.1%)
  • Professional, Legal, Scientific and Technical Services (17.8%)
  • Information Media and Telecommunications (9.3%)

In combination these three sectors accounted for 66.2% of the total exports by the City of Sydney. Also prominent (in non-Covid times) are education and training services, tourism and hospitality.

Regional New South Wales and the nation’s capital of Canberra, in the ACT, also contribute strongly to Australia’s export industries, particularly in mining, manufacturing, agriculture, administrative and support services.

Little wonder that we at Translation House have chosen to house our head office in the vibrant state of New South Wales. At Translation House we stand ready to meet the translation needs of this great state, offering professional and NAATI certified translations in Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Japanese, French and many other languages. A complete listing of the languages we offer is found on our languages page.

For Translation Services Sydney, Canberra, nationally, or around the world, contact us to discuss your needs.