Translation Services Perth

Providing Professional and NAATI Certified Translations for the City of Perth and Throughout Western Australia

Perth will always remain close to our heart. It is where we started in this business, in 2004, and although we have relocated our head office to New South Wales, we still have many friends and many highly valued and loyal clients in Perth, and in Western Australia.

When east-coasters think of Perth, and of Western Australia, the first thought that comes to mind is often its huge mining and iron-ore export industry. And, yes, the mining industry and the export of its products is, indeed, huge. But Western Australia is much more than that. Western Australia has an export-oriented economy, with almost half of Australia's annual goods exports originating from the state, including not only iron-ore, but other minerals, diamonds, petroleum, wheat, seafood, agri-food, bovine and sheep reproductive materials (semen and embryos), livestock and many specialised manufactured goods.

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Perth’s proximity to Asia means that there is a constant need for translation services into and from Asian languages, particularly Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Urdu. And Perth’s Mediterranean style climate makes it a popular destination for international tourists and for international students who are drawn to the city’s strong education providers, secondary and tertiary.

Furthermore, as the ‘mining capital’ of Australia, Perth is the home of numerous large mining companies who are engaged in mining exploration in African countries where they have need for French translation (the French language as introduced to many small African countries by French colonialists and retained as the national language when those former African colonies attained independence). Other Perth based mining companies are involved in mining and exploration work in Latin America where Spanish holds sway. Translation House is proud to be the main provider of translation services to the Western Australian mining industry. We serve the translation needs of the City of Perth, and of the vibrant state of Western Australia. Please contact us to discuss your needs.