Business Cards

bc2013If doing business overseas, or receiving foreign visitors, you must have a business card printed in the language of the person you are meeting. To present an English only card will be seen, in many cultures, as arrogant and unprofessional. But it needs to be done right and you can trust Translation House to produce a professional card which will ensure you are received with respect, dignity and status in the foreign culture.

The standard design for bilingual cards is to use a double-sided card; English on one side and the foreign language on the reverse, with identical layout, artwork, fonts, etc.

Perhaps you already have an English card and just want the foreign language version produced on the reverse. No problem.

Perhaps you need to create a new card from scratch. We will discuss your business with you so that we understand how you want to be projected in the foreign culture and language. If you have a logo, send it to us for incorporating into your card. If not, we can design a logo for you.


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