Localization Services

Localization is the process of adaptation of language and of media content in order to make it appropriate to a specific country, culture or region. Whereas translation takes a text and changes it to a completely different language so that it can be read by people who speak that language, localisation is more often concerned with adapting text for a region were a variant of the same language is spoken. Consider the differences in usage where English is natively spoken; for example in the United Kingdom, in the United States of America, in the Bahamas, and in Australia.

Localization is much more than merely the replacing of a few words with local variants. It is not sufficient to merely replace ‘sidewalk’ with ‘footpath’. It is most frequently a combination of linguistic and cultural adaptation which is necessary to guarantee the success of your product in other parts of the world. It may include changes in spelling and grammar, which can vary from place to place, as well as the adoption of the local currency, adaptation of graphics, and changes in the ways that addresses, dates, times, phone numbers, etc. are presented in the target region.

Localization is an important process in preparing for the success of your product in the international market.

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