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Translation Services - Professional translation is a highly skilled area of expertise which cannot simply be left to “someone who speaks the language”. A cheap and poor translation is not going to save your company money. On the contrary, it will cost your company in numerous ways. .... read more

Translation Services Melbourne
Translation House provides a dedicated desk, Translation Services Melbourne, specifically to meet the translation needs of this great city. ... read more

Translation Services Sydney
Our head office is in New South Wales specifically for the purpose of providing translation services and language solutions to meet the needs of Sydney, Australia’s premier city. ... read more

Translation Services Perth
Providing Professional and NAATI Certified Translations for the City of Perth and Throughout Western Australia ... read more

Translation Services Brisbane
Categorised as a global city, Brisbane is among Asia-Pacific cities with largest GDPs and is one of the major business hubs in Australia, with export strengths in mining, banking, insurance, transportation, information technology, financial services, higher education and public sector administration. ... read more

Foreign Language Typesetting - Typesetting is the presentation of text and graphics with layout in the finished form, ready for printing. Printers and graphic design companies will normally do the layout and typesetting of a publication, (a brochure, booklet, poster, etc.) before it goes to the printing stage. Typesetting in foreign languages, however, raises specific problems for any typesetter who does not understand the language. How do you check the layout in a language which you don’t understand? Which piece of text goes with which graphic? Where is an appropriate place to make a line break? .... read more

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Business Cards
If doing business overseas, or receiving foreign visitors, you MUST have a business card printed in the language of the person you are meeting. To present an English only card will be seen, in many cultures, as arrogant and unprofessional. ....read more

Localization Services - Localization is the process of adaptation of language and of media content in order to make it appropriate to a specific country, culture or region. Whereas translation takes a text and changes it to a completely different language so that it can be read by people who speak that language, localisation is more often concerned with adapting text for a region were a variant of the same language is spoken. Consider the differences in usage where English is natively spoken; for example in the United Kingdom, in the United States of America, in the Bahamas, and in Australia. .... read more

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