Foreign Language Typesetting

Typesetting is the presentation of text and graphics with layout in the finished form, ready for printing. Printers and graphic design companies will normally do the layout and typesetting of a publication, (a brochure, booklet, poster, etc.) before it goes to the printing stage. Typesetting in foreign languages, however, raises specific problems for any typesetter who does not understand the language. How do you check the layout in a language which you don’t understand? Which piece of text goes with which graphic? Where is an appropriate place to make a line break?

Translation House can manage your foreign language typesetting and desktop publishing needs in any of the foreign languages in which we work. Our typesetter has been typesetting in foreign languages for over 20 years and is a foreign language systems specialist with outstanding knowledge of desktop publishing programs, particularly InDesign, Quark Xpress, Illustrator, Photoshop and MS Office. Our typesetter works in close collaboration with the translator who has translated your document. We can work from an English version of any publication given us or we can design it for you from scratch. A menu in French, a tourism hospitality brochure in Japanese, a company prospectus in Chinese, a fund-raising appeal in Korean? No problem.

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In all cases the translator will check the final copy thoroughly for typesetting errors, ensuring that line breaks are in appropriate places, etc. The translator will be the final person to sign-off on the publication before it is passed back to you.

We have a vast font library in all languages and can closely match the foreign language font to mirror the English original. Of course, all of our fonts and software are fully licensed, therefore ensuring that you, the Client, will have no Copyright issues to contend with.

We will adhere to your corporate style and meet any reasonable turn-around time suited to your needs. The final version of the publication will be delivered in a media format meeting your requirements, be it in the original application format or converted to another format, eg. PDF files ready for printing. The finished product can either be delivered by email or burned onto a CD. We are happy to liaise with your graphic artists, design houses, printers, etc. to ensure that the final output is compatible with their needs.

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