Arabic Translation

ترجمة عربية

Arabic is one of the fastest growing languages in the world today and professional Arabic translation services are in high demand. Translation House responds to that need, being one of the most professional providers of Arabic translation services in Australia. We provide both English to Arabic translation and Arabic to English translation.

We have NAATI accredited and experience translators and are able to supply Arabic translations of financial documentation, legal documentation, technical and scientific texts, engineering documents and many more.

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We are also able to supply the most professional typesetting of your Arabic translation into brochures, booklets, flyers, etc. Typesetting in Arabic requires specialist expertise, particularly because the language is written, and read, from right to left. Our foreign language typesetter has been typesetting Arabic for many years and we know, beyond doubt, that we can provide the best typesetting service available for Arabic translations. We invite you to visit our typesetting services page or to ask us for a sample of our work in Arabic typesetting.