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At Translation House we claim, with absolute confidence, that you will not find more accurate and professional English to Indonesian translation services or Indonesian to English translation services, anywhere! Translation House management has more than forty years’ experience in the Indonesian language field and our Indonesian translation team includes many native speakers of Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). All members of the team have outstanding understanding of the language and the cultural influences upon it.

Our translation services a must for thriving international businesses

Indonesia is one of the fastest emerging economies in South East Asia, with an estimated population of 250 million plus, and it sits on Australia’s doorstep. Little wonder that the need for English to Indonesian translation and vice versa, is increasing.

Whether the translation you need is for official government purposes or for commercial purposes (and in Indonesia the two often overlap), whether it’s a business contract, an academic or scientific paper, a mining/geological report, a technical or engineering manual, an import permit, advertising material or any other type of document, we can provide you with the highest quality Indonesian translation.

Even the smallest error in translation can lead to a completely different conclusion, meaning you can’t afford to make any mistakes when translating an important business document. Our translation team are well versed in both Indonesian and English and will be able to provide a highly accurate and reliable conversion.

Request first-rate typesetting if needed

As with all of our languages, we can also provide highest quality professional typesetting in Bahasa Indonesia. Samples of our typesetting work are available upon request.

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How can we assist? Should you like to find out more about our services, whether for Indonesian, Chinese, or otherwise, feel free to get in contact with us by filling in our online enquiry form. One of our professionals will ensure they get back to you as quickly as possible with all of the relevant information you require.

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