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At Translation House, you can be assured of professional Chinese services using highly qualified and highly experienced Chinese translators, all of whom hold NAATI professional accreditation.

Don’t allow language barriers to stand in the way of your business objectives

Doing business globally requires clear and concise communication in both directions. Whether you need English to Chinese, or Chinese to English translation, you’ll find that we give you the competitive edge. That is what accounts for the fact that we are known as one of the premier providers of Chinese translation in Australia.

When it comes to engaging in large-scale international business deals, engaging with a reliable and highly accurate language service is key. Even the smallest miscommunication, or incorrect representation of a word or phrase could jeopardise your entire project and cost you and your business considerably. All it takes is for one critical word to be represented incorrectly for the entire agreement to fall apart.

With years of experience assisting numerous companies and business throughout Melbourne, Sydney and internationally, we possess the experience and the expert skill necessary to ensure you never fall into such a disastrous situation. Our expert translators are not only fluent in Chinese and proficient and English translation and vice versa, they are all well versed in the cultural nuances which cannot be translated word for word. These are the small details that other services may miss, completely changing the meaning of a phrase or sentence.

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Enquire after our professional Chinese typesetting services

High Quality Chinese Typesetting is part of our service making us a one-stop shop for the translation of your Chinese flyers, company prospectus, marketing and advertising brochures, etc. We can provide high quality professional print-ready files or web files. We are more than happy to provide a sample of our Chinese typesetting work, because we know that you will not find better.

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